Thursday, December 12, 2013

Get Rid Of Bad Washing Machine Oders And Save A Ton Of Money At the Same Time by Walt Barrett

   Our made in the USA Product is only $10.95 for 5 gallons            delivered to your door in the continental USA.

   There have been many complaints lately about the terrible odors that are coming out of home laundry machines.   Several years ago we wanted to develop a new product that we could mix here in the USA in our home state of Rhode Island. We wanted something successful and widely used by you the mass mass market. Rhode Island is the smallest of the 50 United States of America and has about a one million person population of which unfortunately between fifty and sixty thousand people are unemployed at all times.  My goal in adding the new product line was to create more jobs for our community. We are already in the business here of mixing all natural minerals from the earth to clean the sulfates out of lead acid automotive, golf cart, marine and electric forklift batteries so I decided to go with a Green laundry detergent because so many people use it.  I knew it would be a tough sell though because of brand loyalty and the big guys have millions of dollars to keep their brands alive. I did a lot of research which lead me to coming up with a totally Green product that is made from all natural minerals dug right from the ground here in the USA.  Our all natural laundry detergent has no smell like perfumes and no dyes or other additives either.  It will not make foam or suds in the washer because foam and suds are one of the number one causes of service calls due to clogging.  Contrary to popular belief you do not need tons of foam or suds to clean your laundry. Our ingredients are the natural enemies of the mold and mildew that cause the terrible odors the you washer is emitting.   You also must vent a side loading machine by leaving the door ajar when not in use.  This practice goes a long way toward eliminating the unpleasant odors associated with mold and mildew.
   Being all natural our product is not expensive to manufacture and also we are factory direct. There are no middlemen. We call it Green Heron Detergent and we package it dry saving a lot of money on shipping costs.  We charge $10.95 for 5 gallons delivered in the continental USA and when the package arrives you will find five smaller packages inside.  If you add the contents of one package to a gallon of warm water you get a gallon of All natural Green Heron Laundry Detergent.  Five gallons if used correctly in a side loader should do 320 loads of wash.  We use it exclusively at home and so do our employees whom we give it to free as a further quality control test of our quality.  We are priced very reasonably because our main goal is to put more people here to work.  We already make a good living from our other products which sell in volume seven days a week.
Please remember, A five gallon kit of Green Heron Laundry Detergent is only $10.95 delivered to your door in the continental USA. 
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