Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Greedy American Companies Destroying the American Workers. by Walt Barrett

No one should have to work three jobs in order to survive.  I could write thousands of words on the subject having been a mill worker for several years starting in 1947 Myself, but I won't. I will only say that I am appalled at the lengths that business has gone to in their relentless drive to destroy the American work force. Why do they hate the work force so much? These hard working people all happen to be paying consumers too. They have families to support What the hell is going on? That should appeal to their greed if not their "humanity".  Instead, the cost of everything is going up while wages stay the same! People are really hurting and it's not their fault. Are instant excess profits and cheap labor more important than the future of our country? I believe that God has a special place for these horrible greedy employers. We'll see how they like that!  Unless things change very soon now we are in for some very hard times ahead.  Why is our own government selling us out?  I'll answer that myself.  The answer is good old fashioned greed.  We were actually better off in 1950. Management used to call us donkeys but at least we got paid a living wage!  I think that we really do need a change and it should start with congress in November!