Sunday, December 07, 2014


Unfortunately in this troubled economy many people who may be suffering silently from 

depression choose to take their own lives. This is a good

 time to keep an eye on your friends and acquaintances and watch for the signs of 

serious depression. Keep an eye on your self too. Unfortunately there is a great 

deal of rejection in the arts and entertainment industry because they are so

competitive. If you feel depressed don't keep it a secret. Reach out to your friends

for support if you need it. There is no shame in being depressed. Millions of people

 of people suffer from depression.  There is no rejection or failure worth sacrificing 

your life for. Personally in my long life I have suffered many setbacks and failures,

but none of them were worth my life. As long as you are able to draw a breath

you can pick yourself up and reinvent yourself, but there is no coming back from 

taking your own life.

My personal motto has always been to "Never give up and never stop trying." 

Above all, look for the beauty that surrounds you.

The beauty of nature is always there for you and it is free! If you need help reach

 out now before things get worse.