Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Media Is Out Of Control by Walt Barrett

   Well, I see that the mainstream, commercial, rude, non journalist, anything for a buck, magpie media, has really stuck both feet in their mouths again. Yesterday this group of made up wannabe movie actors who call themselves journalists, and who in reality are just a bunch of news readers, let a 17 year old kid from NYC con them into believing that he had amassed a 72 Million dollar fortune playing the stock market on his lunch hour. Well the only problem is that the media people evidently did not properly vette their sources. Personally, I do not believe any of them any more and I'm really getting very tired of the media trying to run the country with their bullying and targeting anyone that they feel like tactics. The media is no longer reliable and they should stick to reporting the news and not trying to make the news and slant the news. The media has too much influence. Even congress is deathly afraid of them. The media is so greedy and so out of control that they would expose the entire contents of all of our government secret computers if they could find enough traitors to disclose them. They hide behind the Constitution and they will bring us down just for profit. These are serious times.