Monday, June 29, 2009

Bamboo Groves and Rocket Stoves

Hey, it Rhymes, Bamboo Groves and Rocket Stoves.
You know, one of my jobs is being a mad scientist, so I'm always experimenting with new ideas and trying things. So several years ago I planted a small grove of Bamboo trees that seem to grow quite easily in our cold climate. As a matter of fact, they spread like wildfire! I keep trimming them for tomato stakes and fishing poles for the kids and other stuff like that. Once you dry Bamboo out, it is Strong like iron. As a matter of fact, it's more like carbon fiber than iron.
Well anyway, I got this idea to try dry Bamboo as fuel for my rocket stove. If you don't know what a rocket stove is I'm adding some photos. You know what they say about one picture! Now you can make a rocket stove out of just about anything that will not burn. I literally threw mine together for this experiment in abut ten minutes. Then I stacked some of the dry bamboo in the bottom chamber and lit it. Now I know why they call it a "Rocket Stove!"
My point in this whole exercise is that Bamboo is an excellent renewable fuel because it is really a grass and it grows like hell! Now that's what I call renewable. Besides, it has hundreds of uses. Just Google Bamboo and you will see what I mean. Also google "Rocket Stove" if you haven't already. I'm going to try a Rocket Stove in my micro home. I'll have to build it so it is safe to use indoors so that's a WIGTI project.
I seem to be running out of time these days. Perhaps one of you will pick up on this project. I'm going to add some photos. Also, consider planting Bamboo groves for the future if you can afford the space. Trees are always great anyway. It's a win - win situation.
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Friday, June 26, 2009

Free Battery Reconditioning Video and Training Manual Download by Walt Barrett

We are still offering free training manuals and videos. All you have to do is write and I will send you a free electronic download. If you require a sample of our products we will send them free, just pay the postage. We can put you in this business with practically no money. You can start off with just a few simple tools and a volt meter. It is a great side line business. We have dealers world-wide. Don’t spend thousands when you can start for a few dollars! Please contact me now. We can also put you in the solar electric business with solar modules in the USA at only $3.90 a watt. We will also train you free. Ask for our free solar lighting video just as a starter to add this exciting field into your battery business. They go hand in hand! We make solar electric systems simple and reasonable!



Thursday, June 25, 2009

I had a little problem so I haven't been writing lately by Walt Barrett

Several weeks ago I went in for my six month physical check up, and they found a nasty looking spot on my back. Well if you guessed it was Cancer, you are absolutely correct. In order to get it all out they had to remove a pretty nasty chunk of my back. I am now recovering and waiting to see the biopsy results to make sure they got it all.
I was born in 1933 and in those days the fashion was to put your babies in the Sun and roast them golden brown. Well we now know that was a huge mistake. Several of my friends are going through this process right now too. So don't get too much Sun!
I'll try to get writing again soon.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Great New Prices For Solar Electric Modules by Walt Barrett

We now have great new prices for solar electric modules direct from the factory to you for only $3.90 per watt delivered to the USA.
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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Custom Built Lithium Ion Batteries Direct from Manufacturer by Walt Barrett

Our Company, A to Z Global Marketing Inc. AKA has made a marketing arrangement with a major manufacturer of Li Ion batteries in Asia. These batteries are used in the following equipment.

For the Lithium batteries, we can produce the batteries for the following prdoucts:

Power Tools

Electric Bicycles

Electric Cars

Electric Motorbike

Miner Lamp

Portable Energy

Portable DVD player

So long as you provide us the detailed information, such as the battery will be used on what kind of product, battery box dimension, voltage, capacity, using conditions such as charging current, discharge current (including the pulse charge & discharge current), we can design the battery for you accordingly

For the LifePO4 battery, we produce single cells, for the battery pack, it’s almost all custom-made. We design the battery pack based on the following information:

1> battery box dimension

2> working voltage,

3> capacity,

4> charging current (including normal charge current and max charge current),

5> discharging current (including normal discharge current and pulse charge current),

6> used on what product

7> working temperature ..

If the customer can provide the above information, we can design the battery for them accordingly.

This kind of battery is new type of battery in recent years, its cycle life is very long about 1500~2000 times, and it’s environment-friendly, and it’s very safe compared with other lithium ion batteries. Many car/ EV/electric bicycle, motors companies are developing this kind of battery. So, in the future, this battery should have a good market in the world.

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