Monday, December 13, 2010

The Salt Powered Energy Cell by Walt Barrett

   Well we finally figured out how to do it.  We have built a simple energy cell that is powered by salt that we can depend on to run for months and months.  It is totally refuel able in the field and it is also recyclable.  The best part about it is that it runs round the clock.
These units are manufactured in Rhode Island, USA

Video here  The Salt Powered Energy Cell by Walt Barrett

Here are more technical details for those who are interested, and there a photos too.  If the energy cell looks like an aspirin bottle, that's because it is an aspiring bottle which is the least expensive container that we could purchase in the USA and save us a bundle in production costs.  It just doesn't have the troublesome safety cap.
The top comes of in a half turn allowing you to change the fuel rod in less than five minutes.   Unlike solar, the Cell produces steady power for days on end at 1.2 volts per cell.  One cell can easily charge 4 AA batteries in parallel.

   We have developed our Power Energy Cell after several years researching with various materials that are known to produce electrical power in salt water and other simple solutions.  We had to make literally hundreds of experiments in order to test the many ideas that were bouncing around between us. 
Next to performance, the foremost thing in our minds was the cost. The problem is, and always has been that the folks that need our type of device are the people with the least amount of money to spend.
If our Power Cell Unit looks simple, it is because it really is simple.  We built it with an off the shelf container that gets much lower in price with the large quantity purchases we expect to be making in the near future.  The interior parts are more expensive, but they too will come down, and sales go up and we can purchase larger quantities.  There is only one part that will ever wear out in our opinion and that is the fuel rod which is consumed slowly in the process.  It's like the early days of any new product. Lower prices are driven by higher sales.
  We have already lit  LED reading lamps for a month, or more, 24 hours a day, with no major signs of deterioration. We have charged batteries of many voltages.  We have found that we can charge 4 AA batteries with one cell simply by charging them in Parallel.  The process may be a little slower, but it works and by charging batteries in parallel we have an effective way of boosting both voltage and current.  If you use your imagination, there are hundreds of possibilities.  
    Each Power Energy cell put out 1.2 to 1.6 volts depending upon the strength of the electrolytes used.  The fuel rod lasts the longest with salt water fuel and deteriorates more rapidly with many of the other  stronger electrolytes that we have used.  The cells are designed to be clustered together in a fashion that is described in the literature provided with the cell.  You group them in series. Or series parallel to obtain the voltage and amperage needed.  We can supply them already fastened together and configured if necessary.  
   These units may be used to charge cell phones, camera batteries, radio batteries, electric scooter and car batteries, various military communications and survival equipment, video equipment, and three of these units will run an Led reading lamp directly.  The power cell functions on salt water, urine, most fruit juices, wood ash simply processed in the field, acid, many other chemicals to numerous to mention.  The more powerful chemicals produce more power but deteriorate the fuel rod more quickly. 
   We are now in production in the USA.  Contact Ordering information here